How to Get Noticed as a Musician

Today, many people have turned to music for different reasons. As a startup musician, there are very many challenges that you will have to face. One of those challenges is getting noticed. Although it is really not easy to get noticed as a new musician, the following ideas and guidelines can help you with this.

Shoot a Video

What many new artists do not know is that shooting a video greatly increases your chances of getting noticed. As much as you may have meticulously done lyrics, a video adds presence to the music, and people will be curious about you. With this curiosity comes a chance to get yourself gigs and eventually someone will notice you. You do not have to shoot a million dollar video, just basic video editing will suffice at this stage. Remember, you will also need amazing promotional photos to go with this video.

Get Someone Famous in Your Music
There are millions of people out there vying for attentions. In your neighborhood, there is probably that person who was in some sitcom a long time ago or was part of some soap opera on some local channel. Such people have the local recognition and will take any chance they get to seek for more recognition and can be very effective in helping you get noticed too. Therefore, get one of them in your videos, and it could give you the breakthrough that you need.

Get Yourself Lots of Gigs
Gigs are good for every musician especially upcoming ones. Even if they are local gigs, they help you improve a great deal on your music by offering you a chance to overcome the pressure associated with performing for a crowd. These gigs also help you refine your personality and music writing prowess which is important for any musician who wants to get noticed. Therefore, if you are asked to curtain raise for a local musician, do not throw away this opportunity because you never know who may be impressed in the crowd.

Employ Shock Tactics
Musicians and actors all over the world use shock tactics to get noticed or at least remain relevant. You can also choose this path, and you will be surprised by the publicity that you will get. You can do something will make you look incredibly juvenile or arrogant. You could also do with some controversy or anything that will get you in the news or newspapers. As much as you may see this as negative publicity, there is someone out there yearning to get their hands on you or your music as a result of these tactics.

Use Social Media to Market Your Music
Today, there are quite a number of social media platforms. As a musician, you should try and have an account on almost all of them and even go ahead and link these accounts. Once you have joined, the next step involves posting your music on these sites. This will help you get feedback and of course recognition. If you consistently post on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other music sharing platforms like SoundCloud, then you will get noticed.

Upcoming musicians have a lot they can do to get noticed. These are only some of the numerous strategies that they can employ to get fans behind them and sign recording deals with some of the best studios around.